Rates and Details

Vehicles and Basic Rates (In JPY; including 10% tax)

Hourly Rates
or similar
SUZUKI Hustler
or similar
or similar
6h 4,290 4,840 4,950
9h 4,950 5,500 5,940
24h 5,940 6,820 7,700
30h 9,900 11,000 11,990
Additional 1day 4,950 5,500 5,940
Excess per hour 880 1,045 1,210
Hourly Rates
or similar
or similar
or similar
6h 5,500 8,470 9,680
9h 6,600 10,120 13,970
24h 8,250 13,750 17,930
30h 12,540 19,800 25,300
Additional 1day 6,600 10,560 14,300
Excess per hour 1,320 1,980 2,090
- Rate and Specification may be changed without prior notice.
- Please inquire details.
- Actual vehicle may be other brands.


Discounts (from the basic rates)

- Birthday month (Driver only) 10% discount
- Returning customer 15% discount

Insurance/Compensation System

Insurance coverage included in basic rental fee.
Bodily injury coverage Unlimited (including automobile liability insurance)
Property damage coverage Unlimited [cost of JPY 50,000 covered by customer (deductible)]
Passenger injury Up to 30 million yen per person
Car damage Up to the actual value per accident [cost of JPY 50,000 covered by customer (deductible)]
- Followings are not covered by insurance: oil pan, muffler, wheel cap and tire repair and replacement. Lost keys, car battery dead, etc.
- Without taking the necessary procedures at the police, our insurance / protection / CDW / ECO will not apply.

CDW (Collision Damage Waiver) and ECO (Extra Coverage Option)

- CDW (Collision Damage Waiver)

CDW waives your responsibility for paying deductibles regarding any property damage and/or vehicle damage in the event of an accident.
If more than one accident occurs during the rental period, the CDW will apply only to the first accident.
*You may not accept/decline CDW after the completion of pick-up procedures.

- ECO (Extra Coverage Option)

If you accept ECO, you will be waived NOC !

registration fee / 24 hours Only CDW (Collision Damage Waiver)
1,100yen - 1,650yen (Depends on car class)
CDW (Collision Damage Waiver) and ECO (Extra Coverage Option, Exemption from NOC payment)
Except Wagon(Van) class vehicle 2,200yen
Wagon(Van) class vehicle 3,300yen
- Without taking the necessary procedures at the police, our insurance / protection / CDW / ECO may not apply.

NOC (Non-Operation Charge)

If a vehicle requires repair or cleaning due to a traffic accident, theft, break down, defacement, or other causes not attributable to NAVI Rent-A-Car, the customer may be charged an NOC as part of the compensation for loss of use during the repair or cleaning of the vehicle. These amounts are fixed regardless of the degree of the damage or the time required for such repair or cleaning.
When the vehicle is returned to the originally planned office by itself Wagon(Van) class vehicle
Except Wagon(Van) class vehicle
When the vehicle can not travel itself (including large degree of damage) Wagon(Van) class
Except Wagon(Van) class vehicle
Towing fee 30,000yen~
NOC during cleaning heavy smell (fish, fish food, alcoholic drinks, etc.) of the vehicle 50,000yen
- Non-operation charge must be borne even if the customer has subscribed to Collision Damage Waiver. If you accept ECO, you will be waived NOC !
- Field service fee must be borne in the case of an accident by the carelessness of the customer [Key loss, Locked out (leaving key in the car), Dead battery and so on]
- The customer may be charged an expense separately in the case of total loss accident or accident during the high season.

Refueling vehicles

As vehicles are rented out with a full tank of gas, customers are required to re-fill their tanks with the fuel before returning their vehicle. If you are unable to return the vehicle with a full tank of gas, you will be charged for gas based on distance travelled, or on the remainder shown on the vehicle's fuel gauge. Please be aware that this may result in fuel charges higher than the actual fuel cost.
Except Wagon(Van) class vehicle 25yen/1km
Wagon(Van) class vehicle 35yen/1km

Change of return schedule

Please contact us in advance. Our staff will inform you whether it is possible, considering other reservations and other details. An excess charge, which is described on the tariff, will apply at the time of car return if the rental period is extended.
When there is not a prior contact, please be careful because you are expected to pay breach of promise charges separately.

When should payment be made?

Please settle the payment at the time of car pick-up at the pick-up location. Payment for extended rental period, fuel charges and so on must be paid upon returning.


Feel free to contact us!
CDW (Collision Damage Waiver), ECO (Extra Coverage Option), fuel charges are not included in Basic Rates.
Please contact us in advance. We may not be able to meet your request during the high season.

Cancellation fees

Cancellation charges apply for the cancellation of reservations. If you do not show up without notice more than one hour after the reserved time of car pick up, this will be regarded as a cancellation.
Up to 7 days prior to the date of rental Charges do not apply
Up to 3 days prior to the date of rental 20% of the basic rate
Up to 2 day prior to the date of rental 30% of the basic rate
Date of rental 50% of the basic rate

Please feel free to consult with us about anything.



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